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American Sunset - Thriller | Official Website

tarring COREY HAIM (1971-2010)
Director : Michael Masucci | Writer : Jacqueline Giroux
Producers : Jacqueline Giroux, Mark Savoie | Executive producer : Gary Rasmussen, Eric A. Leffler.

"American Sunset” is a story about love and sacrifice. It’s an edge-of-your-seat shocking thriller about how one ordinary man traveled to hell and back to save his wife.

A shocking thriller, with a Usual Suspects–style twist, “American Sunset” will have both moviegoers and crime solvers alike anxiously waiting for clues to this mystery’s riddle; each time wondering if it will not be too late. The DVD & BluRay are available at the American Sunset website as well as the Corey Haim Remembered website.

CLICK HERE for the free download of the "Behind the Scenes" with Corey Haim and Director Michael Masucci, Producer/Writer Jackie Giroux, and cast members.

Plaster Rock
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Plaster Rock - Thriller | Official Website

Director :
Jacqueline Giroux
| Writter : Jacqueline Giroux & Benoit Martin

Four young men and women are boated into a hunting lodge in the wilds of northern New Brunswick, Canada to partake in a cross country ski race in which the winner will reap a cash prize of $250,000.

Each contestant is a former athlete or high-profile celebrity who has already received a deposit of $25,000 for their time just to travel and enter the race in the desolate area known as “Plaster Rock.” The only problem is, once left at the lodge by boat, there is no way out, and each contestant begins to realize they have more at stake than the cash prize.

Plaster Rock is a fast-paced thriller-horror film which takes place in remote wilderness where you need more than luck to survive! The DVD is available at the Plaster Rock movie website.

Blue Seduction
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Blue Seduction - Thriller

Actors : Billy Zane, Estella Warren, Jane Wheeler
Director : Timothy Bond

Billy Zane (TITANIC) stars as ‘80s one-hit-wonder and out-of-control rocker Mikey Taylor, now sober, married and trying to score a new music publishing deal. But when he hires a sexy and talented young demo singer (former supermodel Estella Warren of PLANET OF THE APES), she soon begins to seduce him with all the addictions – sex, drugs, booze and beyond – that nearly killed him at the height of his fame. Her hunger is unstoppable. Her desires are insatiable. And in a dangerous affair of lust and obsession, is the most shocking temptation of all yet to come? Jane Wheeler (JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH) co-stars in this erotic thriller with a wicked twist, featuring songs performed by Estella Warren.

The DVD is available at Amazon & iTunes. 


The Night - Drama - In Post Production | Official Website

Writer: Jackie Giroux - Director: Shari Hamrick

Cast: Lalesha Railsback (Steve Railsback’s daughter), Ian Hamrick,

The NY times best-selling novel FLYY GIRL exploded internationally in the mid 1990’s, as it was the first novel ever to explore the journey of a middle-class African American little girl as she blossoms into a young lady. Through the pain, confusion and longing of the one thing we all seek; love, FLYY GIRL could be any young girl’s story, anywhere in the world. It became the diary, the nightmare and a fantasy all at the same time, speaking for a whole generation of women. FLYY GIRL is the cautionary tale of Tracy Ellison, a young girl with knockout looks, slanted hazel eyes, tall hair, and attitude, coming of age during the modern hip-hop era. Motivated by the material life, Tracy, her friends, and the young men who will do anything to get next to them are plunged into a world of violence, gratuitous sex, and heartbreak. Slowly, Tracy begins to examine her life, her goals and her sexuality.


Leslie - Drama/Thriller (pre-production)

Adaptation/Writers : Omar Tyree, Arthur Wylie
Director : TBA
Producers : Inuka Bacote-Capiga, Joy Bryant, Steve Cubine, Jacqueline Giroux, Dale Godboldo, Kim Hardin, Dana Hubbard | Executive Producer : Gary Rasmussen, Arthur Wylie | Development Executive : Derrick Speight | Production Executive : Arthur Wylie | Casting Directors : Michelle Adams, Kim Hardin

Leslie Beaudet, a beautiful and mysterious college student struggles with a dark, powerful secret. In the eyes of her Haitian immigrant father, Leslie is a queen. To her Black Indian mother, she is a source of pride and strength. But when an alarming string of murders begin to point in Leslie's direction, it becomes clear that no one knows the real Leslie-or her dark hunger for power. The historical Dillard University in the lush, mystical city of New Orleans provides the backdrop for this thriller.

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Mavericks In Toyland - True Story / Character Driven Comedy

Writer: Paul W. Shapiro Director: TBA

Cast: Kevin Spacey (committed)

Completed Script Based on the true story of toy inventors and creators, Jack Ryan (“Barbie”), and Marvin Glass (“Betsy Wetsy”), the two moguls compete in every aspect of their life, until tragedy bestows one of them.

(see filmography)
Rolling Papers - True Story / Thriller

Writer: Jackie Giroux Director: TBA

This is the true story of Danny Harold Rolling, the mysterious singing drifter who is facing the death penalty in the gruesome 1990 murders of the Gainesville college students. After a massive two year manhunt, and investigation costing five million dollars, the 38 year old Rolling was finally connected to the crime scenes by “duping” the incarcerated singer and collecting his DNA from a tooth being pulled, and a hair cut! Two men confessed previously to the murders, as Danny Rolling out-ran the police in his souped-up red convertible and created music in his head while robbing countless grocery stores and convenience shops in order for “the patrons to listen to his music”. Many still feel Rolling “did it” just to get his music published… Jackelyn Giroux interviewed Danny and found a charming, but very cunning individual.

(see filmography)
Eva - Thriller

Writer: Peter Foldy Director: TBA

A young Jewish boy leaves home, against his Dad’s wishes, to assist an exotic dancer in finding her kidnapped daughter.

(see filmography)
Dead Run - Thriller - Completed Script

Writer: Jackie Giroux Director: TBA

Two Detectives join forces to find a man they have each killed twice before.

Hart's Location - Character Family Drama

Writer : Ashley Reed - Director: Joe Dante (“Innerspace”; “Gremlins”)

Producers : Eleanor Earl, Dale Godboldo | Creative Executive : Omar Tyree | Executive Producer : Arthur Wylie

Cast: Bruce Dern, Laura Dern, Diane Ladd, Henry Thomas (all committed)

Completed original screenplay. Jamie Jo Hart (Laura Dern) is many things, a convicted felon, a mother, a daughter and definitely a small town woman who’s further than down on her luck. When everything comes collapsing down on her, the only road left untaken is the one that leads to her father (Bruce Dern)… the man that abandoned her forty years ago to realize his dream in the world of photography. When she shows up on his doorstep, he seemingly is the answer to her problems. He is rich, he is famous, he is welcoming. He is also everything her mother (Diane Ladd) warned her of, a manipulative, alcoholic, opportunist who sees the perfect “subject” standing before him… a woman about to lose everything. The game begins as they set off across country, with camera in hand, to collect her son from the relative threatening to adopt him. But neither had any idea where the highway would lead.

Potential Locations: New Mexico/Oklahoma

Mr. Pink - True Story / Crime Drama | Official Website

Writer: Chas Allen/Blake Allen; Adapted by: Jacqueline Giroux, based on the book “Mr. Pink”

Competed screenplay. Based on the unbelievable true story of four college aged boys who, in broad daylight, pull off the largest theft of valuable books and manuscripts ever committed in the United States, from a research library in Kentucky. Destined to get away with it and become millionaires after they “fence” their haul, one tiny little slip allows the police and FBI to discover the identities of the unlikely thieves. This untold true heist story unfolds with intrigue and thrills that you won’t believe.

Potential Locations: Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Oklahoma


Seeing Things - True Life Ghost Story

Writer: John Huckert

True story about a real ghost that lives with a family in their Los Angeles home and communicates by inscriptions on film and video.

Final Reel - Sequel to the blockbuster franchise “Final Destination”

Writer/Director: Jeffrey Reddick (originator of “Final Destination:)

The idyllic town of Salyersville is about to be visited by a stranger. The only sign of the arrival is a one-sheet that appears in the once abandoned theater touting the upcoming premiere of a new film. But this is no ordinary film, and its director, Mitch Halloway, is no ordinary man. Mitch was a native of Salyersville, who went to Hollywood to become a director. He found fame in an effort to capture true fear on film. Mitch made a deal with the Darkness to be reborn as The Film Man. Now The Film Man has the ability to manipulate reality through film.


These Vintage Films are films produced with the involvement of the current management previous to their association with Global Entertainment Holdings. The rights to these films are either controlled by or being distributed by Global Universal Film Group.

Being Michael Madsen - Character Driven Thriller | Official Website

Producer : Dan Sherkow

Actor Michael Madsen turns the tables on notorious paparazzo, Billy Dant, by hiring a trio of documentary filmmakers to chronicle Dant's life, loves, and troubles.

The DVD is available on Official Website.

Bolt – Action

Starring: Richard Grieco, Sean Young & Michael Ironside

Featuring: Barbara Carrera and Wayne Rogers

Produced and Written by Jackelyn Giroux; Directed by George Mendeluk

Story: A spiritual Biker named BOLT (Richard Grieco) is led by the ghost of Crazy Horse to an Indian reservation where he must fight the evil motorcycle gang led by NILES (Michael Ironside), to save Patty (Sean Young) and her family.

Coo Coo Café – Comedy

Produced, Written and Directed by Jackelyn Giroux

Starring: Sebastian MacLean, Rob Pinnock, Diane Hinchcliffe, Ashley Hesterm Bernie Robichaud, Bill Thomas, Sri Levin, Tim Wetzel, Charlie Rhindress, Lalesha Railsback, Darell Mesheau

Featuring: Barbara Carrera and Wayne Rogers

Story: Coo Coo Café was conceived upon the death of John Kennedy Jr. when one network announced he was happily married, and another network stated he and Carolyn were getting a divorce. That, coupled with all the car chases and bank robberies gaining national network T.V. ratings, to the point people stay home to watch the riots as “entertainment”, Coo Coo Café was born as a wanna-be funny black comedy!

Rounds - Drama

Writer/Director: Mark Atienza Producers : William Grossman, Virginia Perfili, Craig Wilkening.

"Here is to friends." As Terry, Jensen and Will raise their glasses in the air and toast something many take for granted, friendship. Rounds follows these three, each on a private quest to find what friendship means to each other, where instant attractions, casual betrayals and an innocent glance can test that very thing. Hollywood's rock and roll nights and coffee house days set the backdrop as they must rely on each other to make it successfully through the maze of adulthood where their pasts, the fears and lessons they've been taught threaten to destroy it all, including their friendship. In life, we all make the rounds; will we make them matter?